Friday, 15 April 2016


Updating & Revising now - 02/11/2018

NEW INFORMATION - 15/04/2016

INCOMING - I've just obtained a big lot of original catalogues for various Japanese tin toy exporters and manufacturers. These will enable me to increase the amount of information available on this site enormously. Recent posts are based on this new material. They are just basic posts at the moment but they should fill up with information over the next few months. If you can't find what you want now, be sure to check back later.

NOTE - I'm always looking to increase my collection of original tin toy manufacturers catalogues/scans of catalogues. If you have something that I don't have and vice versa I'm always willing to swap. Just contact me via the comments section below. Your comment will not show until it's been vetted by myself. You can safely leave your email address as I won't publish it.

ADDITIONAL - I should be adding around 100 new tin toys to the photo galleries so be sure to have a look.

N.B. Google change from Picassa to Google Photos has caused most of the links to picture in this blog to be broken. I'm gradually correcting them as and when I get time. It's a long job which has delayed the addition of new information I'm afraid! (03/05/2017).

Update - Most links now corrected.


  1. Kevin, I used to work with Mint and Boxed who over the years produced a number of catalogues which have become serious references regarding tinplate. Have you got, seen or heard of these. If not I'm sure I have some. Please let me know about the Glam toys.

  2. Hello, I've seen them up for sale but never acquired any. I'll take a look if I get a chance. I do have a bit of a backlog on the manufacturers catalogues front at the moment though. Send me your email and I'll send you photos of the spare Glam Toys I have (your email won't show on the blog). I'll probably add a scan of the Glam Toys train set box to my British tinplate gallery so anyone can make up a replica of the box. I'm guessing it's a very rare. I'll do my best to update the Glam Toys / GTP post later today.