Monday, 4 November 2019


NOTE 19/09/2019 - Apologies to those who have left comments or questions recently. For some reason these have not been passed on to my email for a while.

NEW INFORMATION - 04/11/2019

I have recently removed original catalogues and brochures to a separate gallery HERE
  • Complete Louis Marx (U.K.) Catalogue for 1970, adding to the galleries now. - 08/11/2019.
  • Complete Aoshin Shoten Co., Ltd. Catalogue for 1968, added to the galleries. - 08/11/2019. 
  • Complete Mettoy Catalogue, and Catalogue Supplement, for 1953 added to the galleries. 04/11/2019. Please see the Mettoy post below for link.
  • Complete Yonezawa Catalogue for 1969 added to the galleries. - 04/11/2019. Please see the Yonezawa Post below for link.
  • Complete Yanoman Catalogue for 1965 added to the galleries. - 04/11/2019. Please see the Yanoman Post below for link.

Coming Soon
  • Complete Mettoy Catalogue For 1960.
  • Complete Mettoy Catalogue For 1963.

N.B. Google change from Picassa to Google Photos has caused most of the links to pictures in this blog to be broken. I'm gradually correcting them as and when I get time. It's a long job which has delayed the addition of new information I'm afraid! (03/05/2017).

Update - Most links now corrected.

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