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IGRA. - Trademark / Logo = Rocking house silhouette within a circle. IGRA on runners.
Kovodruczsvo Náchod/KOVAP v.d. Náchod. - Trademark / Logo = originally the letters "KDN", now a multicoloured stylised letter "K" (or is it "A"). Founded 1950 (as Kovodruczsvo Náchod) to 1991, (name changed to KOVAP v.d. Náchod) - present. Produces the Zetor tractor with range of farm implements, a range of historic tractors, remanufactures toys from the German company Kellerman (CKO) plus various other items. Possibly the last company producing tin toys intended as toys (i.e. CE marked) rather than just collectors items . Kovap Trademark. Example Toys - Road Roller - Zetor TractorHanomag R 40



CIJ / Compagnie Industrielle du Jouets. France. -
GEM / Jouets GEM. France. - Trademark / Logo = The letters "GEM" within a shield motif. Jouets GEM Trademark 
JEP / Jouets de Paris. France. - Founded 1899 - ceased trading 1965. Trademark / Logo =
Jouef / Le Jouets Francais. France. - 
Joustra / Jouets de Strasbourg (Toys From Strasbourg). France. - Founded 1934 - Present. Founded by Guillaume Marx. First factory in Strasbourg hence Jouets de Strasbourg, later constricted to Joustra. Trademark / Logo = The word "Joustra" overlays a central circular 'cathedral spire' design. Semi-circular panels have the words "Fabrication" (above) and "Francaise" (below).   Joustra TrademarkLooping Aeroplane No.566 -
Memo / Mery Gutman. Paris, France. -
Mont-Blanc / Jouets Mount-Blanc. France. -
Rossignol / C. Rossignol. Paris, France. Founded by Charles Rossignol circa 1868.


Arnold. Nüremburg, Germany. - Founded by Karl Arnold in 1906. Trademark / Logo = The letter "A" within an inverted triangle. A plaque with the word "Arnold" placed across the lower section of the mark. Arnold Trademark
Biller / Biller Bahn. Nüremburg, Germany. - Founded by Johann Biller in 1935 - ceased trading in 1977. Trademark / Logo = The letter "B" with clockwork key emerging from the left side. Biller Trademark 
Bing / Gebrüder Bing (Brothers Bing) / Bing Werke. Nüremburg, Germany. - Founded by Ignaz and Adolf Bing in 1863 - . Trademark / Logos = the letters "GBN" in a diamond (pre 1923 for Gebrüder Bing Nüremburg), the letters "B" and "W", the B rotated through 90 degrees and placed above the W (1924-1932 for Bing Werke), the letters "KB" followed by a dash and the sideways B over W logo (for post 1933 combined Bub/Bing toys). Bing Trademarks
Bub / Karl Bub. Nüremburg, Germany. - Founded by Karl Bub in 1851 - ceased trading in the 1960's. Trademark / Logo =
Distler. -
Doll et Cie. -
DUX / Markes & Co. Lüdenscheid, Germany. Trademark / Logo = A bird silhouette (Swallow) within a circle. DUX Trademark
Gama / Georg Adam Mangold. Fürth, Germany. -
Gescha / Gebrüder Schmid. Nüremburg, Germany. -
Güntherman / S. Güntherman. Nürnberg, Germany. -
Hess. -
HPZ / Hans Prottengeier Zimdorf. Fueth, Germany. Founded in 1938 by Hans Prottengeier (1910-1985). The company produced tooling for other toy companies initially. After WWII the ingenious HPZ car was produced but this was the only finished product. The company ceased trading in 1975 - Trademark / Logos = the letters "HPZ"
HUKI / Kienberger & Co. Nürnberg, Germany. - Founded by Hubert Kienberger in 1910.
Kellermann / Georg G. Kellerman / CKO. Nüremburg, Germany. - Founded by G.G, Kellermann in 1910.
Issmayer. Germany. Founded by Johann Andreas Issmayer in 1861. Ceased Trading in 1932. 
LBZ / Lorenze Bolz Zirndorf.  Zirndorf, Germany. Founded in 1880 by Lorenze Bolz the company produced spinning and humming tops initially and later hand cranked musical boxes, drums etc. Shortly before WWII a "Puff-Paff" (or pop pop) boat was produced which was available in at least two designs. The rights to manufacture this boat were sold to the Seidel company after the war. The company is still trading today. Trademark / Logo = Not Known
Lehmann. Brandenburg, Germany. - Founded by Ernst Paul Lehmann in 1881. Trademark / Logo =
Lineol. Brandenburg, Germany. - Founded by Oskar Wiederholz circa 1906. Trademark / Logo =
Marklin / Gebrüder Marklin & Cie. Gmbh. Goppingen, Germany. - Trademark / Logo =
Michael Seidel. Fürth, Germany. Founded by Michael Seidel in 1881. Initially the company produced novelty toys, toy trumpets, dolls kitchen ware etc. In the 1920's mechanical money banks, toy telephones etc. were added to the range. Production ceased during WWII and was resumed in 1945. A variety of tin toys were produced, including a pop pop boat "Delphin 707", the rights to which were purchased from the company LBZ. There was a transition to plastic and metal toys after the purchase of injection moulding equipment in the mid 1950's. In 1982 the company was sold to the company Martin Fuchs Gmbh. Trademark / Logo = .  Example toys - MS 709 (police boat)
Neuhierl / Josef Neuhierl / JNF. Fürth, Germany. -
Niedermeier / Philipp Niedermeier / PN. Nüremburg, Germany. -
Oro / Oro Werke / OROBR. Brandenburg, Germany. -
Schuco / Schreyer & Co. Nüremburg, Germany. - Founded by by Heinrich Schreyer and Heinrich Muller in 1912 - ceased trading in 1976. Relaunched 1993. Originally named Schreyer & Co., the name was changed to Schuco in 1921. Trademark / Logo =
Technofix / Gebrüder Einfalt (Brothers Einfalt). - Founded  by Georg and Johann Einfalt in 1922 - closed 1977. Trademark / Logo = The letters "G.E." or "G.E.N." (prior to 1930) / later the words "Marke Technofix" within a triangle. Technofix Trademark Example toys - Alpine Express 300 - Lift Garage - Rallye 66 -
Tipp & Co. / Tippco - Founded by Miss Tipp and Carsteins in 1912 - ceased trading in 1971. Philip Ullmann joined the company in 1913 and by 1919 was sole proprietor. Trademark / Logo =

Funkstorgrad. - Trademark / Logo =


Ananias Ananiadis. Greece. - Trademark / Logo = The letters "AA" within a circle. The two A's may be joined by their cross-strokes. Ananias Ananiadis Trademarks
Lyra. Greece. - Trademark / Logo = The word "Lyra" in red on a band over a black cog wheel design.


Lemezarugyar Budapest / Lemezaru Gyar. Hungary. - Trademark / Logo = The letter "L" within a cog wheel design, divided into four quadrants. Founded 1950's - closed late 1990's. Remanufactured a number of Technofix toys amongst others. There is a very useful tribute site which includes many photographs of the toys produced in the factory along with some very interesting videos of the production process etc. Lemezarugyar Site . Lemezarugyar Trademarks - Tolato Mozdony - Rakodo Vonat -


BELL / Bell Company. Milan, Italy. Trademark / Logo = The word "BELL". Bell Trademark
INGAP / Industria Nazionale Giocattoli Automatica Padova. Padova, Italy. Trademark / Logo = The acronym "INGAP" within a diamond. INGAP Trademark
Marchesini Luigi Bologna. Bologna, Italy. Trademark / Logo = The letters "M,L,B" (derived from the company name) within a shield motif. Marchesini Luigi Trademark
Siro Ferrari Company. Casalpusterlengo, Italy. Trademark / Logo = The letters "S,F,C" (derived from the company name) arranged so that the S is within the C. The F is placed over the top part of the S and C and distorted to form a flag like motif. Siro Ferrari Trademark
Ventura Trevisio. Italy. - 


Lenin Memorial Factory. Moscow, USSR (now Russia). - Trademark / Logo = An upside-down "V" within a partial circle. Lenin Memorial Factory Trademark - Mechanical Toy Garage - Airport Toy - Russian Dancing Doll -
Leningrad Metal Works. Leningrad (St Petersburg), USSR (now Russia). - Trademark / Logo = An upside-down "V" shape over an "M" shape within a circle. Leningrad Metal Works Trademark
NORMA. Tallinn, Soviet Estonia, USSR (now Republic of Estonia). - Trademark / Logo = The letter "N" within a circle, the word or acronym "NORMA" printed across the N. Norma Trademark


Paya Hermanos. Ibi, Alicante, Spain. - Founded 1902 - Present. Founded by Rafael Paya a blacksmith. First factory built in 1906 by Rafaels sons Pascual, Emilio and Vincente Paya. Production continued and expanded into the 1930's but was interupted by the Spanish Civil War/WW II. Production resumed in 1946. In 1985 many of the classic older (and by then highly collectable) toys were remanufactured, using original tooling, on a strictly limited (to 5000) basis. Trademark / Logo = The letter "P" superimposed on the letter "H". Also the word "Paya" styled to resemble a locomotive. Paya Trademarks Toys - AeronaveMoto Carrera Azul - Moto Tuf Tuf
Payva / Payvasa / Pascual y Valls. Ibi, Alicante, Spain. - Founded in 1912 - ceased trading in 1985. Founded by Salvador Pascual Garcia, who had worked for Paya as a tinsmith, and his brother-in-law Gaspar Valls Verdú. Trademark / Logo = The company name "Payva" italicized and underlined, superimposed on a double circle motif. Payva Trademark
Rico. Ibi, Alicante, Spain. - Founded in 1911 - ceased trading in 1984. Trademark / Logo = The company name "Rico" superimposed on a circle motif. Rico Trademark
Roman / Juguetes Roma'n S.A. Alicante, Spain. - Trademark / Logo =
Telsalda. Spain. - Trademark / Logo = The company name "Telsalda" italicized and underlined. Toy Importer. Telsalda Trademark

Czechoslovakian, Czech Republic, Danish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Tin, Tinplate, Metal, Toy, Toymaker, Maker, Manufacturer, Producer, Trademark, Trade Mark, Logo, Symbol, Motif. - Spielzeug, juguete, jouet, speelbal, おもちゃ, Weißblech, de hojalata, fer blanc, vertind blik, ブリキ, ブリキ玩具.

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I purchased a lot of tin toys at auction today and as a fairly new seller your website has been VERY helpful when it comes to trying to find out what I have. :)

  2. I have purchased a MS seidel police boat 709 i think. Its for my Dads Birthday. Any idea if I have paid too much it was £38 with postage

    1. Oddly enough I had my eye on the ebay auction as I have the exact same boat to add to my listings on eCrater. Mine is not boxed though. It does seem to be a surprisingly high price for such a small boat but If you check the bidders list there are lot of different bidders. I guess it must be a popular item. Possibly a lot of people owned the boat as children and are motivated by nostalgia. No telling with auctions.

  3. hi im an english maker of tin toys right now! can I be on your list? have a look... www.mclarenclockworksubmarines.com
    thanks neil

    1. Hello Neil, I don't know if I can add you to a list of manufacturers as you're not making your subs to sell (as far as I know). I could certainly point people in your direction as I think there would be some interest. Perhaps a blog post or I was planning a directory page. If you could provide me with some info / pictures and permission to use them etc. I've sent you my email ad via your site.

    2. Can anyone suggest a tin toy manufacturer that is now producing tin wind up toys? I know there are a million of them in China, what about Eastern Europe and Japan?
      My email is notnct@aol.com

  4. I recently receive a vintage windupctoy rabbit that I can't identify from your list. It was made on Spain is packaged as 'conejo' ( juguete) num 138.
    It has a logo both on the box and the bottom of the toy. The logo is vertical (.mi)
    Any leads would be appreciated