Hayashi / Asakusa Toys & Dolls - Double Decker Bus - 6th February 2012

Original vintage large (12 inch long approx) friction drive toy bus from Hayashi / Asakusa Toys & Dolls of Japan. Tinplate with rubber tyres. Friction drive. In good condition / some wear and tear but still in very presentable condition (missing one hub cap). AVAILABLE SOLD.

Masudaya Lunar Transport - 18th September 2011

Original vintage battery operated remote control space toy from Masudaya (Modern Toys) of Japan. Tin-plate and plastic. Produced 1970. In really excellent condition and working order.


Paya Moto Tuf Tuf - 31st October 2011

Limited edition (978 of 5000) Paya Hermanos Moto Tuf Tuf. Large, approx 11.50 inch long motorbike and sidecar. Originally produced 1934-36. Manufactured, in Spain, with original tooling. Complete with box, certificate, key. The original retail price for this was in the region of £150. AVAILABLE  SOLD