It's a sad fact that original vintage tin toy robots can be very expensive to buy these days. It seems to me that a guide to the many reproduction or re-manufactured robots that are available might be of some use. Enter 'Robot Reviews' where I will do my best to evaluate the many modern offerings. If you're like me you will want something that's as close to the original as possible, with no spurious modern additions or adaptions.

First up is the 'Robot Space Trooper' originally produced by Yoshiya in Japan but now made in China.

Robot Space Trooper


  1. what do these things retail for? and how can i tell if its from the 1950's

    1. I'll be adding some info here as soon as I get some time spare. In the mean time I would recommend that you check out Alphadrome. You can find a link on the tin toy toy web site page I started.