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Company Name/s: Glamorgan Toy Products Ltd. / Glam Toy / G.T.P.
Name Derivation / Meaning: From the location in the historic County of Glamorganshire in South Wales.
Location/s: Hannah Street, Porth, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales.
Trade Mark/s: Usually marked G.T.P followed by a reference number.
Dates: Founded by Jacob Beatus in 1935 - dissolved 1953. 
Notes: n.b. New information acquired - the following paragraph will be updated and corrected shortly.
[There seems to be some confusion as to the exact location of this company. A brief entry in M. Fawdry's book "British Tin Toys" gives the location as "Port, Glamorganshire". I assume that this is a misprint and should read Port Talbot. Other sources maintain that the company was located on the Treforest Industrial Estate, just north of Cardiff (i.e. National Museum Of Wales - see lower part of page).]

Toys may be marked either "Made In England" or "Made In Great Britain".

Checklist For G.T.P. Toys (links lead to images in my photo-gallery).

COMPILING NOW - Last Updated 21/03/2016

GTP Numbered Toys
G.T.P. 506 Saloon Car - N/M. Two tone red and green. 
G.T.P. 508 Police Car - N/M. Black and white. May have bell mechanism.
G.T.P. 509 TaxiN/M. Black and white.
G.T.P. 510 AmbulanceN/M. White with red detailing, red cross on roof.
G.T.P. 511 Locomotive - N/M. Marked BR.
G.T.P. 512 Tender - N/M.
G.T.P. 513 Railway CoachN/M. Red or Green. 
G.T.P. 522 Racing CarN/M. No. 8. Red and gold.
G.T.P. 526 Steamroller - N/M. Wooden front roller.
G.T.P. 527 Locomotive & TenderN/M. Red and green versions.
G.T.P. 531 Redline TaxiN/M.
G.T.P. 532 AmbulanceN/M. Red and cream. 
G.T.P. 533 Monte Carlo Rally CarN/M.
G.T.P. 534 Police CarN/M. Police No.5 car on side.
G.T.P. 535 Fire Chief CarN/M. Red with yellow stripe.
G.T.P. 536 Chauffeur Driven CarN/M. Red and yellow. GB badge on boot.
G.T.P. 538 Motor BoatN/M.
G.T.P. 541 AeroplaneN/M.
G.T.P. 543 Fire Service Fire Engine - N/M.
G.T.P. 550 Children's School BusN/M.
G.T.P. 551 Radio CoachN/M.
G.T.P. 552 GTP Tours CoachN/M. GTP Motorways on side.
G.T.P. 553 Pullman CoachN/M.
G.T.P. 554 Swift CoachN/M.
G.T.P. 555 Starline Coach's Coach -  N/M.
G.T.P. 561 Royal Mail VanN/M.
G.T.P. 563 Ice Cream VanN/M.
G.T.P. 564 GTP Mobile ShopN/M.
G.T.P. 565 Mobile Television UnitN/M.
G.T.P. 566 GTP Circus Van, Big Top CircusN/M.
G.T.P. 568 GTP Express EngineN/M.
G.T.P. 570 Saloon CarN/M. Blue 
G.T.P. 571 Saloon CarN/M. Red
G.T.P. 574 Saloon CarN/M. Two tone blue and white. 
G.T.P. 576 Saloon CarN/M. Two tone green. 
G.T.P. 577 Police CarN/M. Patrol No. 3 on side. 
G.T.P. 578 TaxiN/M. Red and yellow. 
G.T.P. 579 AmbulanceN/M. White with red detailing, red roof with white cross.
G.T.P. 580 G.T.P. Pleasure LaunchN/M.
G.T.P. 581 Police River Patrol LaunchN/M.
G.T.P. 584 Automatic Garage - Opening garage door.
G.T.P. 584 Royal Air Force Staff Car - N/M.
G.T.P. 585 Royal Navy Staff CarN/M.
G.T.P. 586 Army Staff CarN/M.

* The Automatic Garage and Royal Air Force car appear to have been allocated the same number. 

Boxed Sets
Automatic Garage Set - Boxed set with Automatic Garage G.T.P. 584 and cars.
Miniature Passenger Train Set - Boxed set with locomotive G.T.P. 511, tender G.T.P. 512, two carriages G.T.P. 513 and an unmarked signal (photograph to be added)

Other Items
Coronation Display - H/O turn handles to change scene. Probably the last tin plate product produced (photograph to be added).
Frog Clicker - H/O simple clicker toy. (photograph to be added).
Pistol - H/O.

Abbreviations Used.
N/M = no mechanism.
H/O = hand operated.
Friction = friction wound flywheel mechanism.
Crank = crank wound flywheel mechanism.
W/U = wind up / clockwork (spring) mechanism.
B/O = battery operated.
B&G = bump and go / mystery action.
R/C = remote control.
Name In Italics = exact name unknown (updated when I spot an original box or obtain an original catalogue).  

Pinterest Board for G.T.P. - Pictures and links to other pages with G.T.P. tin toys. Includes items for sale on auction sites etc.


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