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Company Name/s: S.Y. Toys Co. Ltd. / Yoneya Toys Co., Ltd.
Name Derivation / Meaning: Yoneya is a Japanese family / surname.
Location/s: No. 4-7.2-Chome, Misuji, Taito Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Trade Mark/s:

Dates: Founded in 1950. Dissolved - not known. 
Notes: Early catalogues and brochures give the anglicised name of this company as S.Y. Toys Co. Ltd. At some point in the 1960's this appears to have changed to Yoneya Toys Co., Ltd. This may have occurred at the same time as the trade mark changed but I can't confirm it at this point. You will commonly find the company referred to as Yone in references and within online auction listings. As far as I know this abbreviation was only ever used on the later trade mark and never as part of a company name. Yoneya is often confused with the Yonezawa toy company because of the similar sounding names. You may also find toys from other companies that use a Y within their trade mark i.e. Sanko (Y within a circle), Yoshi (Y within a diamond) miss-labelled as Yone (Yoneya).

Checklist For Yoneya Toys (links lead to images in my photo-gallery).

COMPILING NOW - Last Updated 24/03/2018 - Added '2188 Super Locomotive'.

SY Diamond Trade Mark
Animal Carousel - W/U.
'Animal Land Express' - W/U.
City Airways Helicopter - W/U.
Electro Man - B/O.
Fast Action Rifle - H/O with spark.
Fire Chief Car - Friction
Flying Man (Driving Robot) - W/U.
F 51 (Aeroplane) - Friction. Sparking action. Turning Propeller.
Ford Dump Truck No.6 - Friction. Marked 6944.
Ford Fairlane 500 Saloon - Friction.
Ford Fairlane 500 Estate (King Electrical Co.) - Friction.
Frosty Bar Truck With Bell - Friction.
Highway Patrol Car - Friction. Rotating roof light.
Jumping Rocket - W/U.
Lasso Range Rider - W/U.
Mego Man (Robot) - W/U. Two versions red face, silver face.
Merry Cockyolly See-Saw - W/U.
Merry Rocker - W/U.
Mighty Robot - W/U. Paddle foot robot with spark.
No Fishing - W/U.
Pan American World Airways Van Truck - Friction.
Playful Animal Swing - W/U.
Playland Express - W/U. Track toy with bell and circling aeroplane.
Police Patrol (Helicopter) - Friction. Sparking action.
Police Patrol Jeep - Friction.
'Rabbit With Carrot' - W/U.
Robot 7 - W/U. Small silver paddle foot robot. The robot is marked 'Made in Japan' but has no trade mark. Supplied loose in trade boxes which are marked. 

 Robot 7
Yoneya Robot 7

Robot With SparkW/U.
Rocking Cowboy - W/U.
Sam The Peace Corps Man - W/U. Mego Man style robot.
Shuttling Train - W/U.
Soldier On Parade (Green Uniform)  - W/U. Mego Man style robot.
Soldier On Parade Navy (Blue Uniform)  - W/U. Mego Man style robot.
Space F.D. Robot - W/U.
Space Gun - Friction.
Space Machine Gun - Friction.
Space Man - W/U.
Space Rocket - Friction.
Stunt Car - Friction.
Super Tank - W/U. Marked "X-60" on sides. Mystery Action. Rotate turret to wind.
Timbal-Player The Monkey - W/U.
Walking Robot - W/U. Robot 7 type robot but with different metallic blue lithography. The toy is marked "Made in Japan" only. The box is marked with the SY logo.
Walking Turtle - W/U.

Yone Diamond Trade Mark
Amusement Park Rocket Ride W/U.
Army Jeep - Friction.
Big Joe Chef - W/U. Mego Man style robot.
Crazy Clown With Head Wind Mechanism - W/U.
Dump Truck - Friction. Tin cab / plastic dumper.
F-80 (Aeroplane) - Friction. Turning propeller.
Flapping Butterfly - W/U.
Flapping Love Bird - W/U.
Guard Man - W/U. Mego Man style robot.
Happy Grand'pa With Ringing Mill - W/U.
Hippo Bank - W/U.
Ice Cream Vender - W/U.
Kiddy Rocket - W/U.
Log Cutter With Swinging Monkey - W/U.
Monkey Carousel - W/U.
PF-256 Airplane - Friction - Sparking action with turning propeller.
Pirate - W/U. Mego Man style robot.
Playful Animal Swing - W/U.
Playing Duck With Butterfly - W/U.
Singing Bird In Cage - W/U.
Soldier On Parade Navy (Blue Uniform)  - W/U. Mego Man style robot.
'Soldier On Parade (Guardsman)' (Red Uniform) - W/U. Mego Man style robot.
Super Tank (M.Tank) - W/U.
Swinging Baby RobotW/U. Swing action with opening mouth.
Turn Around Helicopter - W/U.
U.S. Army Jeep - Friction.

Vehicles with Yone Diamond Mark Impressed On Base
Ford Capri - Friction. 1050 on box.
Stock Racing Car (Ford Capri) - Friction. 1066 on box.
Mercedes Benz C111 Assorted Cars - Friction. Police, Fire and Taxi plus three different racing  liveries. Sold unboxed. Supplied in trade boxes of six.
Porsche (Porsche 911) - B/O R/C.
Police Car (Porsche 911) - B/O R/C.

Yone Diamond Trade Mark With Number
1040 - Eagle Jet Fighter - Friction.
1049 - Emergency Helicopter - Friction. Police, Fire Chief & Ambulance versions.
1050 - Ford Capri - Friction.
1066 - Stock Racing Car (Ford Capri) - Friction.
1092 - Fire Engine - Friction. All plastic.
2028 - Circus Plane - W/U. Metal body.
2032 - Family ParadeW/U. Chicken towing two chicks.
2035 - Coffin Bank - W/U.
2038 - Fire EngineW/U. With self extending (metal) ladder.
2040 - Mouse Cheese Vender - W/U.
2049 - Vacation Land Airplane RideW/U. Carousel toy. 
2055 - Crazy Locomotive - W/U.
2059 - Chipper Chopper Comicopter - W/U. Mostly plastic.
2059? - Monkey Banana Vender - W/U.
2061 - Coffee Cup With Balloon - W/U.
2066 - Jumping Rooster - W/U.
2067 - Moon Orbiter - W/U.
2071 - Magic Mouse Bank - W/U. Version with boot.
2075 - Jumping Farm Train - W/U.
2076 - Roll-Over Sparking Tank - W/U. Roll over action with spark (similar to the Gama T56 Tank toy).
2077 - Clippity Clop CarW/U.
2078 - Strolling NASA Space StationW/U. Walking action, rotating radar dish.
2080 - Copter On ParadeW/U.
2086 - Flip Over Car - W/U.
2090 - Plodding Donkey With Cowboy - W/U.
2091 - Acro-carW/U.
2095 - Super Bulldozer / Plying BulldozerW/U.
2097 - Jumping RobotW/U. Hopping action (with plastic antenna).
2099 - Helping Hand - W/U.
2100 - Fire EngineW/U. With self extending (plastic) ladder.
2103 - Wonder MouseW/U. Quick/Slow action.
2104 - Fishing Boy / Fishing Duck. W/U.
2105 - Playland Sky Bus RideW/U. Carousel toy.
2106 - Flying Elephant - W/U.
2118 - Wonder Kitty - W/U. Quick/Slow action.
2121 - The Robot CaptainW/U. Walking action with spark.
2122 - Disc Firing Tank - W/U. Mostly plastic.
2123 - Ferris WheelW/U. Turning wheel with bell.
2125 - Jumping Frog - W/U.
2128 - Spin Turn RacerW/U.
2129 - Double Quick DachshundW/U.
2131 - Sky-Kart - W/U.
2134 - Walking Silver RobotW/U. Walking action.
2138 - Champion RiderW/U.
2139 - Clown Copter - W/U.
2140 - Wonder BunnyW/U. Quick/Slow action
2142 - Turn-Around Plane - W/U. With spark (all plastic).
2146 - Fishing Panda - W/U.
2147 - Jumpy PuppyW/U.
2148 - Playful Cat - W/U. All plastic.
2149 - Happy CrocodileW/U.
2154 - Dreamland Kiddy Patrol - W/U. Police & Fire Dept Versions.
2155 - Kiddy On Playland Car - W/U.
2163 - Puzzle Mouse - W/U. Non-Fall mechanism.
2164 - Crazy TrainW/U. Backwards and forwards motion with waving arms.
2165 - Chattanooga Choo Choo - W/U. Mostly plastic.
2166 - Kiddy Copter - W/U. All plastic.
2169 - Roll Over Mouse - W/U.
2170 - Western Choo-Choo - W/U.
2173 - Circus Plane - W/U. Plastic body.
2174 - Flapping Butterfly & Bee - W/U. Dual purpose box containing either toy.
2181 - Forward-Reverse CarW/U. Police & Fire Dept Versions.
2185 - Apple Bank - W/U. Mostly plastic.
2186 - Playland ExpressW/U. Track toy with bell and circling aeroplane.
2188 - Super Locomotive - W/U. Moves forward with spark. 
2190 - Racing CarW/U.
2193 - Lady Bug Family Parade - W/U.
2194 - 'Jumping Monkey' - W/U. 
2195 - Forward Reverse Steam Locomotive - W/U. All plastic.
2198 - Overland ExpressWU. Similar to 2188 but with whistle.
2200 - Western Express - W/U. 
2204 - Lonely Cowboy - W/U.
2208 - Magic Mouse Bank - W/U. Version with cash register.
2210 - 'Ladybird Bug/Beetle' - W/U.
2211 - Kiddyland Tram - WU.
2212 - Happy Papa Rooster With Egg Cart - W/U.
2218 - Rocking Cowboy With Lasso - W/U.
2224 - Walking Guardsman - W/U.
2228 - Strolling Ladybird With Revolving Baby LadybirdW/U.
2229 - Emergency Helicopter Highway Patrol - W/U.
2233 - Birdie Coin BankW/U.
2258 - Walking Baby Elephant - W/U. All plastic.
2274 - 'Jumping Kangaroo' - W/U.
2280 - Ray Robot - W/U. All plastic.
2302 - 'Hopping Bird' - W/U.
2316 - Robot Hand Coaster - W/U. All plastic.

Most of the toys listed are marked "Made In Japan" but a few of the later toys may be marked "Made In Singapore". A small minority of Yoneya toys are not marked at all and can only be attributed to the company via their boxes (which are marked). These include the F-80 aeroplane, Robot 7 and Walking Robot


Big Joe Chef, Guard Man (red uniform - Guardsman), 'Mego Man, Pirate, Sam The Peace Corps Man, Soldier On Parade (green uniform), Soldier On Parade (blue uniform).

Abbreviations Used.
N/M = no mechanism.
H/O = hand operated.
Friction = friction wound flywheel mechanism.
Crank = crank wound flywheel mechanism.
W/U = wind up / clockwork (spring) mechanism.
B/O = battery operated.
B&G = bump and go / mystery action.
R/C = remote control.
Name In Italics = exact name unknown (updated when I spot an original box or obtain an original catalogue).   

Pinterest Board for Yoneya - Pictures and links to other pages with Yoneya tin toys. Includes items for sale on auction sites etc.


Yoneya Jumping Robot 2097


  1. Wonderful list, thank you for compiling it. I would like to know the actual name of a Yoneya (or Yone) soldier, what would be considered a Mechanical Guardsman similar to Soldier on Parade with an actual fur hat and red uniform. Does this one have a unique name? Thanks.

    1. If it's the toy I think you mean it will also have a bell on the front. I've not seen one in a box so far so I can't say for sure. I'd guess at "Guardsman on Parade" or maybe just "Guardsman". I'll add it in as soon as I can find out.

  2. I just found your website. I have the box for this toy and it say "Guradsman" only. Also, I have a question for you:
    On the Solider, you mention that there are 2 different color uniforms (Blue & Green). Is one color rarer than the other?

    1. Hi, Yes you can see a boxed example on my Pinterest board for Yoneya (see link above). Of all the versions I'd guess the Mego version is the most common. As far as the military versions are concerned I think I've seen roughly equal numbers up for sale.

  3. Any information on the one in the like?
    Thank you

    1. I've seen it before. You can see another example on my Pinterest board for Yoneya. Unfortunately I've never seen one with a box so I can't tell you the exact name (that's why it's not listed above so far). I've seen one on Smith House Auctions listed as "Horse Race" but that may have just been a description. I think the pressings for the horse and rider are reused in a couple of other Yoneya toys, one with the horses/jockeys side by side, another free running.